Akra Barut Hotel Transportation Lara Transfer

Akra Barut Hotel Transportation Lara Transfer

Akra Barut Hotel Transportation Lara Transfer; Welcome to Antalya, one of the beautiful cities of our country. The fact that the holiday you have planned is an unforgettable one depends on the good beginning. We will try to provide you with a nice holiday by showing all the conveniences in your transfer from Antalya Airport to Akra Barut Hotel. From Airport to Akra Barut Hotel We want you to reach us as soon as possible and start your holiday as soon as possible.

In order for us to transfer to Lara;

You need to inform the date and time you will be in Antalya, how many people you came on holiday and your luggage amount. If you need additional service, please do not forget to let me know. (Like handicapped vehicle, child seat, pet carrier, etc.)

Transportation and transfer We hope you will be satisfied with our service.

We wish you a pleasant and unforgettable holiday, and if you have a request or question, we would like you to let us know by phone or e-mail.

For Hotel Transportation Lara Transfer reservation, the names and surnames of the people who will travel with us in terms of arrival date and time, number of people and passenger safety, as well as the name of the airline company, the departure place and time of the aircraft and the flight number of the passengers who will come by plane must be informed to us. In order for you not to wait at the airport, we receive the information that your plane has landed on the runway via the flight tracking system.

With the online reservation form on our website Airport Lara transfer In case of reservation, there are 3 different options for payment of the transfer fee.

  • Payment in full by credit card
  • Pay 20% of the fee by credit card, pay the remaining fee by cash or credit card after the transfer
  • Pay the full fee in cash or by credit card after the transfer
  • www.kaskalkanshuttle.net

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