Alva Donna Exclusive Hotel Transfer

Alva Donna Exclusive Hotel Transfer

Located in Belek tourism center Alva Donna Exclusive Hotel BelekIt is 54.2 km from Antalya city center and 40.9 km from Antalya Airport. From Antalya Airport to Alva Donna Exclusive Hotel Belek Transfer time takes an average of 46 minutes under normal weather conditions.

Antalya Airport – Alva Donna Exclusive Hotel Belek transfer We perform the service on time and economically with our professional drivers, comfortable and well-maintained vehicles, and our large and experienced field operation team. Alva Donna Exclusive Hotel Belek- Airport transfer We show all our efforts and efforts at the maximum level to ensure that the service is provided flawlessly, smoothly and on time.

Airport Belek Transfer For the reservation, the arrival date and time, the number of people and the names and surnames of the people who will travel with us in terms of passenger safety, as well as the name of the airline company, the departure place and time of the aircraft and the flight number of the passengers who will come by plane must be informed to us. In order for you not to wait at the airport, we receive the information that your plane has landed on the runway via the flight tracking system.

With the online reservation form on our website Airport Belek transfer In case of reservation, there are 3 different options for payment of the transfer fee.

  • Payment in full by credit card
  • Pay 20% of the fee by credit card, pay the remaining fee by cash or credit card after the transfer
  • Pay the full fee in cash or by credit card after the transfer

Alva Donna Exclusive Hotel Transportation Belek Transfer

Belek, located in the Serik district of Antalya and 40 km from Antalya city center, is one of Turkey’s leading popular and most preferred tourism centers. Belek; It consists of two small villages called Kadriye and Belek. Kadriye; It is a village built on agriculture and agricultural areas and has 5 gateways to reach the area where cafes and restaurants are located. In the center of Kadriye, there is the area where the street market is set up and the clock tower in this area. Belek is; It has a larger location than Kadriye, extending to the east with its 8 km coastline. In the center of Belek; There is a wide variety of shopping opportunities, delicious restaurants, a theater, a hand-made waterfall and the first mosque of the region.

It is one of Turkey’s most important tourism centers and also a golf tourism center with its numerous 4 and 5 star modern hotels and accommodation options in different concepts, world-class golf facilities. With many football fields and tennis courts; Belek, which offers nature and sports, history and vacation, sun and sea together, is one of the tourism regions preferred by football teams for camping.

What comes to mind when Belek is mentioned; It is a long beach, deep blue sea, warm sand, comprehensive luxury hotels and facilities, sun and golf tourism. Belek, which is very advantageous in terms of being close to the ancient cities and the surrounding districts where historical monuments are of great importance in terms of history and tourism, welcomes many domestic and foreign tourists every year. It is one of the most exclusive holiday regions of our country, and it is a region that provides the most important tourism income for the province of Antalya and our country.

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