Baia Hotel Transportation Lara Transfer

Baia Hotel Transportation Lara Transfer

We provide Baia Hotel Transportation Kundu Transfer service, located in the Lara Tourism region of Antalya province Muratpaşa district. Baia Hotel is 13.95 km from Antalya Airport and the transfer time is 25 minutes on average under normal weather conditions.

Antalya Airport Lara Transfer We provide service with our experienced drivers, well-maintained, comfortable and high-model vehicles.

With our strong and experienced field operation team behind it, we try to perform the transfer service in a quality, timely and economical manner.

We show our utmost effort and effort to provide the airport transfer service smoothly, flawlessly and on time.

Weatherport Lara Transfer reservation The arrival date and time, the number of passengers, and the names and surnames of the persons must be reported for your safety.

In addition, the name of the airline company, the place and time of departure of the aircraft and the flight number must be informed to us.

In order not to keep you waiting at the airport, we follow your flight through the flight tracking system. We receive the information that your plane has landed on the runway.

Baia Hotel Transportation Kundu Transfer;

BYou have chosen Patara, one of the most beautiful tourism centers of Antalya, so that you can get rid of the tiredness of a whole year. After you come to Patara, do not forget to eat delicious meals at the restaurants in the region and have a drink accompanied by the smell of the sea.

We will do the transfer service that we plan to do from Antalya Airport to Kundu Lara tourism region in the best way, in case you have a problem. [email protected] mail It is important for us to provide better service to you from the address and the phone number +90 551 160 69 05, which provides service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

There is a taxi service from Antalya Airport to the Kundu Lara resort area. However, the distance between Antalya Airport and Kundu Lara is 14 kilometers and the normal taxi fare is between 80-100 TL.

Considering this taxi fare, you can get a more comfortable, economical and reliable transfer service. You can always reach and make a reservation.

You can continue your Airport Patara Transfer reservation by choosing one of the vehicles below.

Villa with online reservation form on our website. Baia Hotel In case of making a transfer reservation, there are three different alternatives for the payment of the transfer fee.

  • Payment in full by credit card
  • Pay 20% of the fee by credit card, pay the remaining fee by cash or credit card after the transfer
  • Payment of the full fee by cash or credit card after the transfer.

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