Önder Yıldız Hotel Transfer

Onder Yildiz Hotel Transfer | How to go to Antalya Kizilot Pension

You need to provide your flight number in the Manavgat Önder Yıldız Hotel pre-transfer reservation form. Therefore, we follow the landing time of your plane through the application and direct the operation. As soon as the wheel of your plane touches the runway, we receive a notification of “your plane has landed on the runway”. After the notification, our driver friend is moving towards the airport to meet you. We meet you at the airport terminal exit gate and accompany you to your vehicle. Afterwards, we will transport you directly to the reception door of your hotel.

According to the departure time of your flight from Önder Yıldız Hotel, we are waiting for you at the reception door of your hotel. After the end of a nice Antalya holiday, we leave the airport to the terminal where your plane will take off.

Also, if you want to go to different regions from your hotel in Manavgat, we provide 24/7 transfer service.

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